When one visits Rome, one wishes to see as much of possible of what this Eternal City has to offer.

Youthful Atmosphere

It's true that simply by walking down certain streets one can absorb the quintessential Roman atmosphere but nowhere is this truer than the district of Monti.

One of the oldest districts of Rome – Julius Caesar was born here, the narrow cobbled streets aren't as well known at the nearby district of Trastevere that is saturated with tourists, but rather this area is more frequented by Romans who understand and appreciate good quality food and relaxing bars.

Catering for local clientele, but still able to accommodate visitors, this area offers a youthful atmosphere with good food, Italian atmosphere and trendy boutiques in which to while away the hours.

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Shopping in Via del Corso

If however you're in Rome to see the spectacular ancient wonders that the city offers, then fear not…the Residenze Argileto is just 5 minutes walk from the Imperial Roman Forum and the Coliseum.

Situated in the very heart of ancient Rome from whence the civilised world was once governed, this area is resplendent with historic and cultural treasures. The Capitoline Hill and Piazza Venezia are but a stones throw away and with the shopping streets of Via del Corso and Via Nazionale within a short walk, this location offers something for everyone.

Although we are in walking distance of many attractions, nevertheless, we also apprecitate the great transport system here in Rome and how easy it is to journey to those famous places. The Metro underground stations of Cavour and Coliseum are a mere 5-7 minutes walk away and from there one can visit the entirety of the city with the minimum of hassle.

At a glance

  • Imperial Roman Forum 3- 5 minutes walk
  • Coliseum 5 minutes walk
  • Metro Station B – Coliseum 5 minutes walk
  • Piazza Venezia 5 minutes walk
  • Trajan's Column 5 minutes walk
  • Restaurants and bars of Monti 2-10 mins walk
  • Metro B station – Cavour 6-7 mins walk
  • The Capitoline Hill with it's museums, galleries and statues 6-7 minutes walk
  • Via del Corso – one of the main shopping streets 10 minutes walk
  • Via Nazionale – another main shopping street 7 minutes walk
  • Termini station 1 stop on the metro from Cavour
  • Spanish Steps 20 minutes walk
  • Circus Maximus 1 stop on the metro from Coliseum
  • Bars, clubs and restaurants of Testaccio, and direct train links to the beach 2 stops on the metro from Coliseum
  • Basilica of St Paul 4 stops on the metro from Coliseum

Close to everywheree

Only a short walk from the underground stations which can take you almost everywhere.

Imperial Forum

The Imperial Roman Forum is almost on your doorstep.

Monti District

Restaurants and bars galore in the trendy and fashionable district of Monti.

The Coliseum

The awe inspiring Coliseum is a short stroll away!

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